Entropy X beta

Entropy X beta is an evolving data aggregator and index of crypto assets, currently tracking ~25000 cryptos from multiple sources. An individual asset has speculation, adoption, and sentiment data which is consolidated from across sources into one extendable, interoperable API.

- Entropy X beta is built to complement and blend with existing crypto tools.
- Can be integrated seamlessly into your existing software architecture.
- Data is near real-time and experiences a less than 1 min delay.
- Build trend lines across time frames with historical data from up to 4 years ago.
- Integrate new or lessor known sources or data points on request.
- Metrics can be built directly into the data aggregation process on request.

Data Delivery
- Hosted as an API on a secure server, can be consumed by any application.
- Delivered to a server of your choice as a compressed JSON file via SFTP.
- Delivered to a MongoDB database, use compass to view, query and filter data.
- Delivered to a PostgreSQL database, use phpMyAdmin to view, query and filter data.
- Delivered to a MySql database, use pgAdmin to view, query and filter data.

The Demo App consumes Entropy X beta from a secure hosted API; play around with search, filters, and columns.

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