Economic Theory X Emerging Tech

Entropy studies emerging technologies which impact consumer behavior and related economic changes.

Data Driven Insights

With analysis of public data feeds our solutions can comprehend sentiments around an upstart innovation.

"The future does not like being predicted, We like to (scientifically) predict the future" - Entropy

We ask the question, What's Next? Whats the next innovation? the next industry to experience disruption? the next emerging technology?
With our unique blend of combining various fields of study, along with data science + software engineering expertise, we attempt to find out.


Our III program approach ensures data-driven decision making


Collects data points from sources and ensures integrity


Organizes data non-relationally and for faster querying


Custom dashboards showcasing insights for business

Case study 1 : Human to Computer interface

The human to computer interface of the past was keyboard and mouse, it’s now touchscreen, mixed reality is the interface of the future, wth augmented reality and voice and gesture overlays residing on real reality powered by AI assistants, It would become necessary to interface with an AI assistant to use a computer just how we interface with a smartphone currently, speeds of functioning will increase and humans will be able to perform at a higher rate of productivity.

Case study 2 : Automated & Open Finance

Technology protocols are moving from being standardized by private organizations to being defined and standardized using community consensus, eg. Blockchain, is the latest open protocol disrupting how we maintain public ledgers and is a key innovation in implementing digital signatures, the “defi” movement is creating an ecosystem for “open finance”, we are also moving towards "open governance" with distributed ledger technology (DLT) and their ability to form Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO).