Entropy studies emerging technologies which impact consumer behavior and related economic changes.

Data Driven Insights

With analysis of public data feeds our solutions can comprehend sentiments around an upstart innovation.

"The future does not like being predicted, We like to (scientifically) predict the future" - Entropy

We ask the question, What's Next? Whats the next innovation? the next industry to experience disruption? the next emerging technology?
With our unique blend of combining various fields of study, along with data science + software engineering expertise, we attempt to find out.


Our solutions aid in data-driven decision making


Collects data points from sources and ensures integrity


Organizes data non-relationally and for faster searching


Allows preparing of custom dashboards showcasing insights

For Investors

Investors can use our API integrated within their existing research software

For Business Owners

Business Owners can evaluate trends and take an appropriate decision