We invest in Technology!

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“Change is constant, follow the trend”, at Entropy, our study and research of digital assets has led us towards building software that enables better understanding of these assets.
We build software products to enable discovery, management and liquidation.

Our products help make informed decisions derived from complex systems working on data.

The "updating & upgrading" nature of technology presents opportunities to be part of and contribute towards adoption of emerging technologies.

In summary, we build technology that enables investing in game-changing technology trends!

Product Experts

Experts in releasing software that's usable, products are used by us internally, evolved and then released

Progress Focused

Focus on discovering tech that improves basic living, eg. DLT & Access to Banking or "banking the unbanked"


Open collaboration with people and teams, we are a global network of business and technology minds

Disclaimer : The People/Partners at Entropy (Entropy.Co) DO NOT provide investment or financial advice, this extends to outputs generated by systems (software, hardware, tool, solution, architecture, product, suite, frontend, user-interface/UI, app/application, backend, middleware) designed, built and configured by Entropy.Co cannot be construed as financial or investment advise. The systems are designed based on education sought out and received in regards to digital assets associated with industries and niche markets and are built and used for the sole purpose of fast-tracking or automating said education, hence any and all information provided is for education purposes only. The nature of digital assets and their ability to perform as unregulated and volatile assets is well known to the general public, everyone is advised to perform their own process of due-diligence before using the information provided.

Our Products

1. Entropy.Live

Our flagship product - Entropy.Live, is an API providing real-time analysis and stats about the latest blockchain trends and in-demand dapps (decentralized applications) based on fundamental startup-investing metrics, modern adoption metrics and technical analysis.

2. Acirra

A product used by our core team to efficiently manage digital assets, to be released soon.