Harnessing the Entropy of Digital Value.

Entropy is a professional firm specialising in Digital Asset Discovery and Insight, our solutions study user behaviour and learn about new technologies before they go mainstream.

Every innovation, past or modern, comes with a native asset whose digital adoption and value is propelled by the exponential network effects of the Internet.

We craft solutions that offer a pragmatic approach to digital assets and their technologies. Our primary focus is on digital assets such as domain names and crypto assets, as well as RWAs or real-world assets.

Domain Names

Domain names are like digital street addresses on the internet and are one of the oldest classes of digital assets, first introduced in 1985 but gained widespread popularity and value in the 1990s with the growth of the internet. They play a crucial role in how websites and online businesses are found and remembered. Just like a physical address, a good domain name is easy to remember and spells out what a website is about. People even invest in domain names, treating them like valuable internet real estate that can appreciate in value over time. Choosing the right domain name is a critical step for anyone looking to create a strong online presence, whether it's for a website, blog, email, or other online projects. From startups to big businesses, every organisation needs the right domain name to thrive online.

Crypto Assets

Crypto assets represent a digital revolution in finance and technology. They are digital assets and tokens that are changing the way we think about value exchange via the internet. These assets offer new opportunities, attracting entrepreneurs, businesses, retail, and institutional investors. They are built on blockchain technology, a transparent and secure system with applications far beyond finance; researchers believe that the integration of these technologies will transform the internet into a censorship-resistant network. Bitcoin, created in 2009, played a pivotal role in pioneering this movement. Additionally, crypto assets have the potential to bring financial services to people who lack access to traditional banks, promoting financial inclusion.

Real-World Assets

Non-fungible tokens, a subset of crypto assets, have risen in popularity for transparently representing ownership of digital art and collectibles, with the potential to extend to real-world assets in the future. As we embrace the digital age, traditional real-world assets are transitioning into the digital realm, ensuring ownership transparency. Imagine your prized possessions, whether real estate or art, evolving into digital forms. This shift not only promises increased accessibility and liquidity but also introduces a world of fresh possibilities and convenience within our ever-evolving digital landscape. The concept of non-fungible tokens began gaining traction around 2017, while the exploration of digitizing real-world assets has been steadily evolving in parallel.

Technology Solutions

Projectx is an ETL process for Crypto ..

Projectx is an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process for Crypto Data. This process involves extracting data from more than 20 sources, mapping, and classifying the data, and then loading it onto a Business Intelligence platform. This platform enables advanced searching, filtering, and tracking of data from these various sources. Instead of visiting 20 websites individually for discovery and insight, we consolidate data from across these websites into one central location.

OTG delivers relevant crypto info ..

OTG, or On The Go, utilizes the data processed through "Projectx" along with intelligent triggers to deliver relevant crypto information in the form of real-time alerts, charts depicting trends, and the latest news updates. This solution serves as an ever-vigilant virtual assistant when not tethered to your desk and allows freedom to go about your day with confidence, knowing that critical information is just a glance or tone away.

BTT is a Blockchain Trend Tracker ..

BTT, or Blockchain Trend Tracker, is a powerful analytics platform that examines the blockchain landscape. By harmonising on-chain and off-chain data, BTT uncovers intricate patterns and trends within the blockchain ecosystem. It deciphers the interplay between transactions recorded on the blockchain and external events, offering valuable insights to investors, researchers, and enthusiasts alike. With a focus on data-driven analysis, BTT provides a holistic view of the ever-evolving blockchain space, aiding users in making informed decisions and staying ahead of the curve in this dynamic industry.

Solis uses on-chain data to verify ..

Solis uses on-chain data and leverages machine learning to determine if a smart contract or a dapp(app on the blockchain) exhibits malicious behavior. Furthermore, its emphasis lies in gaining proximity to the point of a project's launch, enabling the acquisition of valuable insights early.

eGoa is a set of RWA insight tools ..

eGoa is a set of tools designed for in-depth analysis of the real estate, entertainment, and art industries in Goa, India. This project revolves around the exploration and understanding of real-world assets (RWAs).

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