"Ideas Aren't Worth Anything", not even the coffee they are discussed over. However...
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However ideas, when expressed, open possibilities to venture towards innovation, gone further, these ventures can add value to a population or niche and reward the venturer; thereby ensuring low entropy. Entropy...
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Entropy, in simple terms, is the measure of disorder in a system, as time elapses, a system left unchecked gradually declines into disorder, resulting in high entropy. Ideas...
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Ideas left un-ventured result in high entropy, this is irreversible, higher the entropy the greater the already established disorder, this constant increase with time can only be contained by taking action, ie. start executing on an idea! Our...
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Our focus lies in keeping entropy low by enabling the flow of ideas towards execution and value, low entropy equals order, order enables better collaboration, innovation & disruption, as the saying goes -
"great minds discuss ideas".
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Closed Collaboration

We partner with entrepreneurs & teams to build software products, we look to establish an equally distributed stake for everyone involved in a venture

Work from Anywhere

Our style of working enables everyone to "work remotely, collaborate virtually" - We can work with You no matter where you may be located

Open Technology

The world is progressing towards open protocols and technologies built by community, we keep in touch with the latest building blocks enabling constant innovation

Decouple to Scale

"Decoupling frontend, backend and database systems" - a micro-services approach keeps software modular and allows working with a spectrum of expertise, enabling agility

Current Ventures

We focus on digital assets + data

1. Entropy.Live started mid 2017

Entropy.Live, is an API providing real-time analysis and stats about the latest blockchain & dapp trends, based on fundamental investing metrics, consumer adoption data and technical analysis.

2. [Unnamed Venture] started late 2019

An AI driven bot codenamed "Irina" providing businesses and startups with relevant domain names suggestions which helps save digital and marketing budgets in the long run.