Entropy X

Entropy X is our flagship solution for crypto research and analytics. We follow an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process: first, we extract raw data from leading sources. Next, we perform automated mapping, classification, and tagging operations on the data. Finally, the processed data is loaded onto a flat database and delivered to you via our real-time API.

In addition, we load data onto a business intelligence platform that serves as a data explorer. This platform enables advanced searching, filtering, and tracking of crypto assets. Instead of visiting 20 websites individually for crypto discovery and insights, we consolidate data from across these websites into one central location.

The primary goal of Entropy X is to provide a real-time feed of the latest project updates in crypto. When you sign up for our API service, you also gain access to the Business Intelligence interface.

Key Features

Near real-time feed of the latest project updates in crypto
Near real time price updates of 20000+ assets
Each asset is tagged intelligently to filter and drill down



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