The Internet has fast-tracked the silicon revolution, and technology is a one-way street, when enough people decide that something new is useful and adds value, the resulting consensus, and change in culture drive a mass shift in favor of newer technologies over previously used analog mediums or slower digital predecessors.

As an example, paper mail services are hardly used in favor of email today, and email in its native form is being replaced by feature-loaded messenger apps and enterprise productivity workspaces. This change from slower analog (paper mail) to faster digital (email) and constant upgrades in digital itself (email to messengers and workspaces) is happening at a fast exponential pace.

Entropy is tailored to grasp this consistent change in culture, technology, and innovation. User adoption, social sentiment, and market speculation are three key data ingredients to uncover technologies yet to become mainstream.

Our solutions unlock the hidden value of web3 data and enable pragmatic digital decisions. web3 consists of related technologies to upgrade the existing Internet with new features. Concepts such as decentralization and token-based economics are powered by Blockchain and Crypto. web3 enables the building of open platforms for digital goods, services, markets, and communities.

User adoption is the study of growth in daily active users of a product, service, or community built using web3. Social sentiment helps uncover new projects by tapping into public social feeds and channels. With web3, investing in a project is open as projects can raise funds at will, the resulting open market speculation and investor sentiment help decipher if a project has the long-term support to gain traction.

We develop solutions to discover and keep track of projects that will play an important role in the future. Our processes consist of machine intelligence as well as human intelligence.

As projects are discovered, we perform a deep dive into their underlying tech, outline use cases for business, and can help your organization comprehend and become an early user and adopter of web3.

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