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The Internet has fast-tracked the digital revolution, and technology is a one-way street, when enough people decide that something new is functional and adds value, the resulting consensus, and change in culture drive a mass shift in favor of newer technologies over previously used analog mediums or slower digital predecessors.

For example, paper mail services are hardly used in favor of email today. Email in its native form is being replaced by feature-loaded messenger apps and enterprise productivity workspaces. This change from slower analog (paper mail) to faster digital (email) and constant upgrades in digital itself (email to messengers and workspaces) is happening at a fast exponential pace.

Entropy is tailored to grasp this consistent change in culture, technology, and innovation. The internet and its related technologies have a built-in network effect - the social phenomenon that an increase in the number of adopters of a particular technology will further fuel future adoption of the same technology, its related components, and its upgrades, hence, the value of internet-native digital assets grow in value over time.

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