A niche market is a segment of the market on which a specific product is focusing. Any market can be further divided into smaller market segments with specific interests and demographics. In the past two decades, the potential to explore a market at depth has simplified.

At entropy, our primary focus is finding innovative markets for investors, entrepreneurs and developers. The Internet has set the foundation for worldwide connectivity and exchange of information and ideas.

The Internet is set to disrupt and impact Banking & Finance through Decentralization. Over 2 billion people lack access to financial and banking services. Decentralization is a paradigm shift which can provide worldwide banking connectivity.

By processing streams of available data and providing actionable insights into market trends, our API driven suite lets investors diversify their portfolio by aiding new ventures.
Our insights enable entrepreneurs executing in various niche markets and suggest new methodologies and paradigms for developers to create better products.

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Built on Fundamentals

Insights derived using traditional startup fundamentals along with modern metrics.

Driven by Strategy

Focus on trends that move towards mass adoption of DLT and related technology.

Scalable & Extensible

Agile suite which can scale, with enhancements and new features added regularly.

To request a demo of our API : WhatsApp