Solis (formerly Enchain) is a suite of tools to discover crypto projects yet to be listed or offered publicly.

- Solis uses on-chain data to determine the credibility of a newly launched project on the blockchain.
- Concludes if a project is a good, neutral, or bad actor and in the process uncovers potential top-tier projects early on.
- Solis has a built-in learning mechanism to evolve with time.

Solis 1.0 (Enchain) used on-chain airdrop distribution data, data from early DEXs etherdelta, forkdelta & idex, and social sentiment data to discover and rank projects. Enchain reached end-of-life in Jan 2020.

As of Feb 2022, Solis 2.0 is in the works, focusing on modern DEXs such as 1inch, uniswap (Ethereum), pancakeswap (BSC), quickswap (Polygon), etc, and other on-chain metrics.

If you are working on something similar,

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