Crypto Data

Our software solutions currently track ~25000 cryptos from multiple sources, a core function is maintaining a robust and evolving data aggregation process and search index of live crypto assets along with historic data.

An individual asset has market speculation, user adoption, and social sentiment data attributes consolidated from various data sources into one extendable, interoperable data API.

This data powers internal applications used for research including a dashboard and a telegram bot for “on-the-go” updates.

Data Features

Near real-time data with a 1 - 5 min delay based on attribution.
9-time frames with historical data from up to 4 years ago.
Custom metrics are built into the data aggregation process. (Upcoming).
On-chain analysis to detect legitimate blockchain projects early (Upcoming).

Data Delivery

Delivered to a NoSql or SQL DB of your choice to build your own app.
Hosted as an API on a secure server, can be consumed by any application.
Delivered to a server of your choice as a compressed JSON file via SFTP.
Pay per delivery with configuration for frequency to control spending.

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